Luggage Brands What Hardside Luggage Brand Getting Famous In US?

Durability and brand value matters the most to some people. We bet, you surely wish to flaunt your luggage suitcase to others if you have spent so much on your travel tickets. There is absolutely no compromise that you wish to make in your luggage suitcase shopping.

We have a list of top brands that deal with luggage suitcases and bags. These brands have earned great reviews from customers and strive to sustain the customer trust over the quality. Once you have known all these in detail below, you would be in a position to select the best for your trip.

Top 10 luggage brands and reasons why they are getting famous:

  1. Away:

Away was founded in 2015, New York City. It is one of the most preferred brands for travel especially by women. Despite the new name in the existing competition, it has made a big space to accommodate and lead with other brands.

Reason: Size, removable laundry, trendy colours, and quality.

  • Samsonite:

Samsonite has been a trusted name for years. The company was founded in 1910, Denver. The options available for luggage bags in Samsonite are reasonable yet with no compromise on the quality.

Reason: Built-in USB charging port, varied range in selection, extra light in weight, and durable.

  • Eagle Creek:

Luxury is at par with Eagle Creek in luggage bags. The brand comes with a longer period of warranty for any wear and tear. These are also considered as the best budget luggage bags for all sorts of long travel and short trips.

Reason: Water-resistant fabric, padded laptop sleeves, and a book-style opening from the main zip to keep clothes in-tact.

  •  AmazonBasics:

The cost of AmazonBasics is significantly cheaper than the other expensive brands. However, the quality is at par with customer expectations. The designs are simple yet, attractive. These come in the range of $100-$750 depending on the quality and type you wish to buy.

Reason: Free shipping for Amazon Prime members, rock-bottom prices, and oodles of choices in colour, size, and design.

  • Tumi:

Tumi was founded by Charlie Clifford in the year 1975. The brand has gained huge importance in the world of style and fashion. The material is made up of polycarbonate alloy and some are made up of soft-shell ballistic nylon.  

Reason: Tested products for zip, colour fadedness, and water resistance. Trendy designs and value for many models.

  • TravelPro:

TravelPro as the name depicts is a brand launched by Northwest Airlines Pilot, Bob Plath. TravelPro has been the choice for most people who are in similar backgrounds and have frequent journeys to cover. More number of business travellers prefer this brand.

Reason: All bags under this brand are tested, Dura-Guard nylon coated, Hard-shell options, and matching laptop bags available to add style and recall value to your luggage.

  • Delsey:

Delsey is a French brand founded in 1946. It is an innovative brand with various innovative features that you shall read in the reasons why it is famous.

Reason: Modish and stylish looks, apt for children, good range of backpacks are also available, and 41 times more resistant to wear or tear.Want to take a look at these to buy? Check out the e-commerce sites today!

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