Best Crank Bait Fishing Tackle Products

A fisherman can choose among thousands of best fishing lures such as crankbaits that are currently on the market. While their basic design and shape remain pretty much standard across these different varieties, their key differences that make their use varied for the type of prey they are used for. All crank baits feature this setup – they come with a rounded body that resembles a chubby fish which has hooks attached to it.

However, the position of the so-called lip, or a front-protruding piece of the lure, along with its particular shape determine its depth of dive and overall effectiveness in particular environments. Simply put, if crank bait dives too deep or too shallow, depending on the needs, it will either manage to catch great trophy specimens or fail completely to get any kind of catch. Here are the best crank bait fishing tackle products that will help anyone pursuing bass or other fish to get some exquisite specimens from their fishing trips.

Crank Bait for Shallow Dives

These alternatives of crank baits lure perform best in the depth of either one or four feet of a particular body of water. The lips featured on these are tiny and provide the minimal amount of resistance once they are in the water and being retrieved by the wrangler. Also, with shallow diving crank baits, the line is attached to the nose of the same lure and this makes their run even more shallow. A great thing is the fact that a wrangler can further decrease the depth of the crank dive by retrieving it more slowly. This applies to basically all crank bait, but the shallow dive is particularly potent in this process. Most experienced fishermen use shallow dive crank baits when the fish they are pursuing is hitting the top layer of the water.

Crank Bait for Medium Dive

These crank baits are usually a bit bigger than the shallow dive. This results in more water resistance and a deeper overall diving potential. With them, the link is attached to the lip directly and all of this is used for deep fishing targets, even though not the deepest locations. For example, medium dive alternatives work great for rocky bottoms, sunken timber areas and the top layers of the grass beds in recently submerged regions. Also, veteran fishermen use these with sandy bottoms where the crank bait will dive so deep that it will burrow itself into the sand and then pop out again. This provides it with the convincing simulation of small bait fish feeding on the bottom.

Crank Baits for Deep Dive

Lastly, the deep dive crank bait is there to help during the hot months, especially during the summer. To avoid the hot top water layers, fish like bass move deeper down. There, in the cool waters, a deep diver crank bait is very effective. The best way to use these comes with long casts that provide the lure with plenty of time to dive down. But, once they get to the targeted depth, they will provide excellent results and get some huge specimens for sure.

Using these crank bait alternatives is a tried and tested a way to fish for bass or other fish in almost any environment or time of year.

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